Style Manitoba is one of the the most widely read
and distributed magazines in the province.
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Style Manitoba is one of the the most widely read
and distributed magazines in the province.


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Founded in 1996 and owned by LifeStyle West Publishing Inc, Style Manitoba is a Canadian owned and operated magazine with offices located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Throughout the past 19 years, Style Manitoba has steadily evolved into the most widely read and distributed magazine in the province. Each issue consistently represents the lifestyle interests and concerns of businesses and consumers in Manitoba.

Appealing to a wide range of readers province wide, Style Manitoba is an upscale, glossy magazine that features editorial and photographic material reflecting the lifestyle concerns of Manitobans. Drawing from a pool of talented writers and photographers, and utilizing the highest production standards, the magazine is produced and published in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In keeping with the firm’s mandate to achieve a milieu of unprecedented quality, only fine paper and superb colour printing is used for producing Style Manitoba.

Style Manitoba celebrates 19 years of steady growth, and throughout that time, the magazine has been honoured with a silver award for graphic excellence in an international competition. Issued four times per annum, Style Manitoba fulfills the function that urban publications should, acting as a magnet for community thought and a showpiece for Manitoba and Western Canada. The publication crosses several markets, penetrating and retaining certain niches better than do other media.

Style Manitoba is an excellent vehicle for showcasing, marketing and advertising upscale products and services for both national and locally based advertisers – the magazine truly represents the lifestyle trends of consumers. Products and services associated with the homebuilding, decorating and design market, Manitoba’s burgeoning cultural scene, the fashion industry, and other lifestyle trends of consumers are integral to the editorial focus of the publication.

Style Manitoba offers advertisers a much longer shelf life than do other publications. Consumers keep past issues as reference material for valuable renovating, relocating, decorating and building ideas, as well as for its pertinent Manitoba lifestyle content. Style Manitoba’s entertainment calendars, restaurant, music and book reviews, recipes, wine and spirits columns, travel coverage, and Fab & Fashion Finds are also valuable source guides for Manitoba consumers.

A controlled circulation magazine (70,000 copies distributed per issue), Style Manitoba is demographically skewed in distribution towards mid to upper income households. The magazine’s passalong readership exceeds 360,000 readers per issue. Style Manitoba’s primary target group ranges in age from 25 to 65 years, 45% of whom are male readers and 55% female readers.

To achieve the best consumer household penetration, Style Manitoba utilizes the following distributors for circulation:

  1. The magazine is delivered in Winnipeg direct to consumers’ mailboxes by Canstar to pre-selected postal tracts in a range of postal codes.
  2. Rural distribution to outlying communities is achieved through door to door delivery by private carriers.
  3. Style Manitoba is also available through paid subscription; all subscribers receive their copies of the magazine via Canada Post.
  4. Style Manitoba is also available for purchase at McNally Robinson Bookstore.
  5. Every issue of Style Manitoba is reproduced in its entirety on the Internet, providing worldwide availability to consumers and added value for advertisers. Each issue is uploaded when the printed copies are distributed and remains active indefinitely. The shelf life of advertisements placed on Style’s website is excellent. Our website is one of the largest in the province, offering Internet browsers excellent access to all editorial content and to Style Manitoba client advertising. Website Address: www.stylemanitoba.com
  6. The digital media division of Style Manitoba / LifeStyle West Publishing Inc. is currently working with and developing a wide variety of digital products to complement our clients’ business needs. With ever-changing media, Style Manitoba is well positioned to assist clients through the marketing technology business landscape. Social Media development, Website development and full feature video productions are just a few products available to assist clients with marketing needs.


Rita van Leeuwen


As CEO of LifeStyle West Publishing and Editorial Director for Style Manitoba, Rita van Leeuwen successfully demonstrates her journalistic savvy and… continue reading

Paul Butters


A graduate of University of the Arts London (Camberwell School of Art), Paul Butters serves as Art Director for Style Manitoba and other products published by… continue reading

Eric Green


A key player on the successful publishing team, Eric Green lends his invaluable sales and marketing expertise to Style Manitoba, offering promotional strategies to… continue reading

Lisa Lester


A polished professional well known for her integrity, Lisa Lester handles the advertising needs of a wide range of clients on behalf of Style Manitoba . Lisa successfully… continue reading

Joe Potenza


Joe Potenza brings a wealth of promotional and marketing experience to the team, and is well versed in the latest digital technology. His role in transitioning… continue reading

Anna Kovacs


Anna Kovacs has creatively developed our social media platforms. Her digital experience has been instrumental in growing actively engaged followers for Style Manitoba and our clients on Twitter and Instagram.

Vanessa Ogibowski


Vanessa Ogibowski, educated through the Creative Communications program at RRC, lends her expertise in digital media through building and maintaining a large following for Style Manitoba via Twitter and Instagram.

Kate Yacula


Style Manitoba has promising new video footage in the works! As host for Stepping Out with Style segments, Kate Yacula captures the beat of the city with engaging interviews and footage on a variety of topics, including… continue reading

Vince Krochak


Vince Krochak, who has worked extensively in the motion picture industry, brings 20 years of experience in film and video production to Style Manitoba. In an ever-changing digital marketplace, Vince offers… continue reading

Rebecca Van Beveren


Rebecca Van Beveren offers her excellent sense of design and endless creativity to the team at Style Manitoba. Her areas of expertise include web design, logo design, branding… continue reading

Kelly Gray


Kelly Gray is a Canadian-based book author and magazine writer. For more than 25 years he has written in a wide range of local and national publications on topics from cocktails to… continue reading

Greg Klassen


Greg Klassen is an avid gardener and traveler, having visited fifteen countries in the last decade. Favourite experiences include hiking the rice paddies of Jatiluwih, Bali; watching the… continue reading

Randal McIlroy


Local writer Randal McIlroy makes valuable contributions to each issue of Style Manitoba with his well respected insights into the world of music. Tuned in to the music scene, McIlroy reviews… continue reading

Quentin Mills-Fenn


Style Manitoba’s long time book columnist Quentin Mills-Fenn has enjoyed dinner with David Suzuki and tea with Jan Wong, as well as an iced latte with Margaret Sweatman on a hot August afternoon… continue reading

Donna Minkus


Donna Minkus has worked in the communications field for more than 30 years, having held communications specialist positions at corporations in both the private and public sectors. With a… continue reading

Ian Mozdzen


Ian Mozdzen is a freelance writer, a performance artist/dancer and an arts administrator. He holds honours degrees in English literature & theatre as well as studies/practices many forms of… continue reading

Leigh Patterson


Writer, editor and true-blue prairie gal Leigh Patterson has been a regular Style Manitoba editorial contributor since 1998. Leigh loves to bring the stories of our province’s many… continue reading

Carly Peters


For over 10 years Carly Peters has been the managing editor for numerous trade magazines, and a freelance writer with national features in consumer and trade publications, including… continue reading

John Johnston


John Johnston has spent over 40 years capturing light, life and stunning imagery through the lens of a camera. His diploma in creative communications helps him understand the high impact imagery his clients require.

Michael Roberts


A successful freelance photographer and graphic artist since 1993, Michael Roberts consistently demonstrates his commercial versatility while satisfying his need for creative… continue reading

Michael Sanders


Michael is an award winning photographer and graphic designer. For last 10 years he has worked as a filmmaker and produced numerous documentaries, music videos and short films.


Just thought I’d touch base to say what a lovely home Style Manitoba showed on the last cover. In fact, I read the story inside the magazine mainly because the cover shot drew me in. Huntington Homes should certainly be recognized for their building excellence. And readers should be proud of our local building talent.

James Roth, Winnipeg

The homes and neighbourhoods section in the spring issue of Style Manitoba was a great tool for my husband and I, who visited almost all the homes featured. We are currently looking to relocate in a new community, and the options shown were very helpful. Keep up with the relevant content!

Kaitlin Green, Winnipeg

My fiancé and I are planning a summer wedding, so I was delighted to see the gorgeous bridal hairstyles featured in the Spring 2015 edition of Style Manitoba.

Jillian Alverston, Winnipeg

Great recipes featured in the last issue of Style Manitoba! I tried all of them on my family and they were a huge hit with everyone. I also enjoyed other sections of the magazine – what a beautiful publication! Can’t wait to get the next issue.

Sasha Remington, Winnipeg

I’ve been following Style Manitoba for some time now, and felt compelled to write in and commend your team for presenting such a lovely publication. It’s been one issue after another of classy layouts and great editorials! Thank you for elevating Manitoba to readers lucky enough to get a look at this magazine.

Sheilagh Henry, Winnipeg

Truly beautiful home featured on the cover of Style Manitoba’s fall edition – such a sleek contemporary style in a nicely laid out floor plan. Hats off to Kurt Streu for constructing such a great looking home, and showing just exactly how skilled Manitoba builders really are.

Jordan Wilkes, Winnipeg

Interesting hairstyles and colours in your beauty section last issue. Glad to see Style Manitoba is not afraid to depict looks that aren’t exactly conventional. Would love to see the fashion section grow in coming issues.

Kayla Johnson, Winnipeg

Although I love the home designs and decorating featured in Style Manitoba, my favourite sections of the magazine pertain to recipes, dining out and entertainment. I always try at least one of the restaurants featured in Delectable Dining, and frequently refer to Stepping Out when seeking something new to do around town.

Mena LaFleur, Winnipeg


Style is published four times per year. The glossy, high quality print version of Style Manitoba Magazine is available through mail in one or two year subscriptions.

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